If the Disk Drive gets Wet

What if my computer or notebook disk drive gets wet?

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 What to do if your note book or Pc gets submerged in water.

What if my computer or notebook disk drive gets wet?

"When I saw that 42,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from the Coffeyville Resources refinery on top of the devastation of the flooding, I knew we needed to help," said Scott Gaidano, president of DriveSavers.

If you find your computer submerged in water, your safest bet for getting your data back is to call a professional data recovery company like DriveSavers."




To maximize the chances of successful recovery of data after a flood or water related accident:

  • Do not attempt to dry out or power up a hard drive that holds critical data.
  • Keep the hard drive wet (not your labtop or computer box) by placing it in a zip lock plastic bag; go as far as to add a little water if you have to, and get it to DriveSavers or a local reseller ASAP
  • Recoveries are more successful if the mineral content of the water has not adhered to hard disk surfaces.

Statistically, the highest chance for data recovery exists on the first attempt.

Source: Drive Savers

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You'll also be eligible for DriveSavers' exclusive No Attempt Fee (a $200 savings) if your data is not recoverable, there is no charge. Call now to have DriveSavers evaluate your unique situation, decide what course of action to take, and to help relieve panic and stress that is common in data loss crises.

U.S. & Canadian Customers: TOLL FREE: 1-800-440-1904
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International Customers: (your country access code) + 888-440-2404

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