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Welcome to our Step by Step How-to website created for any computer User who needs some help, if you want a reciprocal link to our site then email us a step by step guide relating to computers and/or the internet and we will exchange links with you upon review and acceptance. It should be in a notepad.txt or ascii text format! Your guide must be an original or derivative work and remember to give us your link.

The cost of home computer repairs and service is out of control so we wanted to help by creating a free Step by Step and How-To site and this is it! Be sure and let us know if any of our Faq's are not accurate and we will make every attempt to correct them.

Please read our Privacy and Disclaimer policies.

ebmasters, please don't throw away your old whitepapers or Faq's or let them fade away, we would be more than happy to host them here on our site, even if they are antiquated and outdated! 

As time permits we will move all of our FAQ's here, in the meantime you can see the majority of them by clicking here.


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FAQs By Operating System
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